Thursday, December 10, 2009

This will be my last posting for the class. It has been a fun adventure, despite the Friday afternoon time and the fact that I have viewed technology about as fun as eating liver and onions for dinner. I actually enjoyed the class and only once felt tortured (Excel anxiety). I feel empowered now, and I will continue to infuse technology into my classroom. The fear is gone, and I can hold my head high as no longer a "special" student for technology. Please do not read any politically incorrect message into my statement. It's just that I have had real insecurities with technology, and if anything can get screwed up, I will do it. I get nervous and frustrated because I have had no clue how to undo my mess. In my family, even my husband makes comments, and he is no whiz at computers either. I have accepted my limitations, but as the saying goes, "Everyone can learn."

So, now, I go off "Into the Wilds of Technology."