Friday, November 20, 2009

Technology Project and Seniors

My technology project is about to wind up. I must admit it has been a struggle. My seniors entered class in August with the attitude that they are seniors; therefore, they have a right to warm the seats and do no work. Wrong. I have persevered in having them complete this project completely and to a standard.

The first day of presentations was disappointing, but today went much better, probably because the presenters had a bit more time and have learned from the presenters on the first day. Their biggest problem is meeting deadlines. The presentations today were more thorough and thoughtfully put together.

I have learned a tremendous amount about PowerPoints. Because most of the students have Microsoft 2007, and the school has Microsoft 2003, two students (and my son) explained how to convert the presentations so they could be shown on the school's outdated software. Daily, I feel less and less intimidated by the computer, but my students still know more than I know. Today, when I started to click the wrong document, the boys (interestingly not the girls) started to yell, "No!" I caught myself at the same time and corrected my error. They were not being rude; it is that they have learned to help us elders, and in the process, they feel somewhat empowered when they do. I know I am thankful for their guidance.

I just learned that an LCD projector is going to be installed in my classroom. I am excited that I will be able to use it when the mood hits me, contrary to now. Now I have to secure the portable one from the library.

Yes, I'm beginning to lose my "I'm old school" excuse and get with the times. Soon my overhead projector may just have to be retired. Along with the LCD projector, my next technological tool will be a document camera; however, this purchase will have to be out-of-pocket. I haven't decided if I want to let loose of the money. Maybe I can go on-line and find a donor or a bargain.

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  1. It was great to hear and see your presentation last night. You did a lot of work with your project and it seems like a project that would really help your students in the future with research in your class and in college.
    You students have a pretty tough teacher! You really make them work hard for their grades. It seems like you have a lot of respect in your class! (Although I think that the one student who stayed home to watch movie the next day is scared of you.) :(
    I also liked the topcs that you chose for your students. The topics that you chose were really interesting topics! They didnt seem like the usual boring ones. :) And it looked as though you had a wide range, so that every student could find a topic they were interested in. (although listening to you talk baout your kids, I am sure that one of them said that they didnt liek ANY of the topic choices!)
    Nice work!