Thursday, December 10, 2009

This will be my last posting for the class. It has been a fun adventure, despite the Friday afternoon time and the fact that I have viewed technology about as fun as eating liver and onions for dinner. I actually enjoyed the class and only once felt tortured (Excel anxiety). I feel empowered now, and I will continue to infuse technology into my classroom. The fear is gone, and I can hold my head high as no longer a "special" student for technology. Please do not read any politically incorrect message into my statement. It's just that I have had real insecurities with technology, and if anything can get screwed up, I will do it. I get nervous and frustrated because I have had no clue how to undo my mess. In my family, even my husband makes comments, and he is no whiz at computers either. I have accepted my limitations, but as the saying goes, "Everyone can learn."

So, now, I go off "Into the Wilds of Technology."


  1. Loretta,
    Wow! can you believe we made it through another semester!I am glad that some of your frustrations and worries with technology have diminished.I can understand as a computer instructor how you may have been a bit intimidated with technology. But, remember you must be one with technology. I am confident that you will do well from here on what with technology, you know have the necessary skills to create fun interactive projects.

    Thank you for all of your help and inspiration throughout this process. I am so fortunate to have you in my life. I truly admire you as a friend and as a maestra!Hopefully, next semester we will finish this journey together. SUERTE!

  2. Glad that you made it through. It seems like you created a project that will give students skills that they need not only this year but also throughout the remainder of their academic career. I am also glad to see that you feel much more comfortable with the use of technology and hope that that continues. Best of luck as you finish the program.